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Get the content you need: Choose from the library of existing content, or simply create yours. You can also schedule content delivery to ensure your content always stays fresh.

Analyze & Measure: provides comprehensive analytics that show the performance of your content so you can easily make adjustments to get the results you want.

Automate & Integrate: Automate your content creation process and integrate it with other tools like Google Analytics, Dropbox, and more. This helps you stay organized and track your content performance more effectively.

Key features

  • Stategizing content
  • Fastback content writing with AI
  • Founders can make their brand visible
  • Content production at scale


  • Individual: 29 $/month – 100k words, 5 SEO reports
  • Growth: 79 $/month – unlimited words, 30 SEO reports
  • Pro: 149 $/month – unlimited words and SEO reports


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