one click social media designs

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Description helps marketers create more meetings with customers. Automation makes customer outreach consistent and efficient. Marketers can optimize campaigns with engagement/conversion metrics. provides the technology to help users get the most out of the automation process. Through Unicorn X-Ray, marketers can capture contact info/intent signals and send automated email cadences to their target audience. Tools to increase deliverability/replies/meetings are available in the automation builder, with SoLD detecting engagement/intent signals to qualify leads.

All of this helps marketers to create more effective outreach strategies and get better results.

Key features

  • Sales outreach automation
  • Social media autoresponde
  • Automatically follow up on leads
  • Generate beste-in-clase response rate
  • Apply 10k + targeting signals


Unfortunatelly I find no information here – just a “get started” link


This is the first video of a whole series.

Find the Mobilemonkey-Youtube-channel here.

one click social media designs