Sapling is an AI messaging assistant for customer-facing teams that helps them respond more quickly to inquiries. Sapling Suggest™ retrieves relevant responses from a team response bank and allows agents to quickly click on suggested responses in real time. Autocomplete Everywhere™ provides deep learning-powered autocomplete suggestions across all messaging platforms so agents can compose replies more quickly. Sapling’s features also catch 60% more language quality issues than other spelling and grammar checkers, helping teams ensure professional and consistent communication. Sapling’s snippet library makes it easy to distribute knowledge, and text expansion shortcuts/macros allow for quick insertion of common responses. The AI assistant helps customer-facing teams increase their efficiency and customer satisfaction by reducing repetitive messaging tasks and providing faster, higher-quality responses. Sapling provides the efficiency benefits of a chatbot without the deadends.

Key features

  • Respond to more customers
  • Reduced respond handle time
  • Improved grammar and language quality
  • Knowledge distribution
  • Increase customer satisfaction


  • Free: 20 snippets
  • Pro: 25 $/month – unlimited snippets
  • Enterprise: contact for pricing – all included, self hosting possible


A real short intro con be found here.

I guess, there is more coming in the future – check out the channel.