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Description is a Social Selling CRM and Sales CRM with an easy to use sales pipeline management tool. Generate leads with cold emails and engage prospects with a Prospecting Feed. Reach prospects with multi-channel sales outreach (LinkedIn/Twitter/Email) and personalize conversations at scale with AI to boost open rate.

Always land in the inbox folder with our email warm up tool and get a top notch email deliverability. Grow your sales skills with the Breakcold Academy and save yourself a $950 gourou course. Stay top of mind with cold and warm prospects by liking and commenting on their posts, then shoot them a quick Twitter/Linkedin DM or an Email.

Contact prospects with automated email sequences and hyper-personalize your messages without doing a groundwork prospect research. Close deals in 2023, not in 2010 via Email, LinkedIn & Twitter.

Key features for Cold Emails

  • Social selling CRM
  • Sales CRM
  • Cold email campaigns
  • Email verifier
  • Email warm up
  • Sales pipeline
  • Email finder


  • Free – limited access to social selling features
  • Breakcold+: 49 $/month – full package


A short break cold demo.

More can be found on the Breakcold-Youtube-Channel.

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