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Description is a cold AI email automation tool that helps professionals in lead generation, sales, and recruitment build meaningful B2B relationships. The platform offers a range of features, including email automation, personalized follow-ups, and manual to-dos to engage prospects on other channels. also provides an intuitive dashboard where all client accounts are available in one place. The platform is designed to help companies grow and become independent on their own terms. is an international team of more than 60 people speaking six languages, and the company’s mission is to help lead gen, sales, and recruitment professionals build meaningful B2B relationships. The product has a great success rate in deliverability, and some users call it a game-changer for their business development.

The company emphasizes that Woodpecker is not a magic tool that will make users succeed, but a way to streamline the process of starting valuable B2B relationships – all with AI email automation. was founded in 2015, and the company uses cookies for browsing experience, site traffic analysis, and targeted advertisement management. Users can request access to’s full profile through the PitchBook Platform.

Key features

  • Cold email
  • Follow ups
  • Deliverability monitor
  • Bounce shield
  • Warm-up & recovery
  • Sales automation


  • Starting from 49 $/month per email slot and 1500 contacts

Video Intro video.

Find all of Woodpeckers videos in their Youtube channel.

best vpn deal