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Your video AI content:

Description creator is a revolutionary AI-driven video editing tool that allows users to quickly and easily create videos in over 70 languages without any training or advanced skills. With it, users can convert dull PPTs and PDF reports into videos, personalize and create sales, marketing and explainer videos, and generate videos to educate and train staff. It features an ever-growing international selection of actors, as well as exclusive actors and face/voice cloning – all performers are Video AI. is the first company to use AI and machine learning algorithms to make creating video content easier and more accessible to all. It enables users to produce videos for everything from HR training to YouTube clips with ease and accuracy. Welcome the new age of content creation with Colossyan!

Key features of Video AI

  • Brand kit
  • Collaboration
  • Text to Video
  • Screen recording
  • Conversations
  • Automated Translation
  • Actors
  • Custom actors
  • Emotions and aging


  • Free: 5 min free video
  • Basic: 21 $/month – 120 mins/year
  • Pro: 70 $/month – 480 mins/year

Video AI Video 😉

Short info for the UI-Update.

More can be found in their YouTube-channel.


best vpn deal