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Description is a technology company that offers a platform for creating personalized videos at scale. With BHuman, users can create a single video and personalize it for thousands of recipients. The platform enables users to import a spreadsheet, leverage one of their integrations, or take advantage of their API to connect their data. Users can then generate thousands or even millions of personalized videos with one click, all of which look as if they were recorded one by one. The videos can be sent over email, SMS, LinkedIn, or Zapier, and users can embed them into their customer journey for scalable, unforgettable experiences.

It was founded by Don Bosco, who was running a lead generation agency and found it harder and harder to book meetings for clients. He realized that what was missing was a human connection, which he decided to address through personalized video. Bosco built an MVP and saw great success using his new tool in lead generation. As word got out about the tool, he started receiving interest from players far outside the lead generation space, including healthcare providers, politicians, and eCommerce stores. Bosco shut down the lead generation business and went full-time on BHuman.

The company has raised a pre-seed round with Mistral VC and is building the next generation of AI synthetic media technology. The company is joined by an incredible team of 28 researchers, engineers, developers, and creators who are constantly working towards innovative AI models that make it faster and easier to clone and scale oneself, so that users can generate human connections at scale throughout the customer journey. is not a text-to-video platform and does not generate avatars that the audience will instantly know is fake. The platform’s mission is to give users a serious platform to drive serious business results. offers several use cases, including recruiting candidates, declining candidates, welcoming new employees, boosting employee morale, addressing problematic behaviors, acknowledging and rewarding employee performance, and addressing each and every one of potential customers by name to explain products and services, thank them for their purchase, ask for feedback, provide customer support, offer promotions, and wish them a happy birthday.

Key Features to Personalize Videos

  • eCommerce
  • Automotive
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • HR
  • Finance
  • Hospitality
  • Software
  • Politics


  • Growth: 39 $/month
  • Scale: 99 $/month
  • Ultimate: 150 $/month


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