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Live Streaming Studio is the leading online video editor, offering features such as resizing and trimming videos, combining clips, adding text animations, and more. It also provides customizable live streaming studio software with no coding needed. Additionally, the platform includes a free thumbnail maker to help create perfect video thumbnails.

Video hosting is secure and stable with the ability to create and share easy-to-edit video landing pages and personalize video players. Video recording is made easy with the ability to customize layouts, plan and manage scenes, and share tabs or videos from a laptop. Finally, the built-in stock library offers a variety of high-quality assets from top-rated stock providers at a discounted price.

Key Features for the Online Video Editor

  • Templates
  • Live streaming
  • Stock libraries
  • Visual effects
  • Graphic elements
  • Online video editing
  • Audio editing
  • Video marketing tools
  • Video hosting


  • Free: Basic video editor, thumbnail maker, some live streaming
  • Streamer: 16 $/month – Basic video editor, more streaming, more possiblities
  • Creator: 24 $/month – Advanced video editor, background removal, text-to-speech
  • Business: 48 $/month – Advanced live streaming, advanced video hosting etc.


Intro into – AI video production and editing

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