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Pencil is the new, better way to get creative with your ads. It offers a fast, easy and cost-effective combination of creative human and generative AI to help you automate your ad creative production. With Pencil, you can easily edit ad creatives to achieve the perfect result, while getting clarity on what’s working and what’s not. Plus, you can run creatives predicted to win based on a dataset of $1B in ad spend. Finally, you can use Pencil Benchmarks to compare your results to your sector and learn what tactics and creative angles everyone is using that you should be too.

Key feature

  • Generate Ads
  • Edit Ads
  • Benchmarks: Compare Ads
  • Prediction
  • Insights


  • Starter: 0 $/month – 3 ads/month
  • Pro: 399 $/month
  • Unlimited: 799 $/month


Pencil – How to create Ads with the help of AI


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