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Description is an AI Voice Generator that creates realistic Text to Speech audio in MP3 or WAV formats and can be shared on any platform. With over 900+ voices in 75+ different languages, you can create audio content in your chosen script and style, embed audio into your website, export audio files in WAV or MP3 and generate voiceovers from text with the AI-powered text-to-speech editor.

The platform also provides automated audio articles and blogs, voice generation via API, and AI podcast creation. Listnr is one of the best-rated AI Voice Generators in 2023 and provides a library of over 900 voices in 145+ different languages and dialects. It’s easy to use, reliable, and free to get started, making it the perfect tool for creating voiceovers for all your audio content needs.

Key Features of Text to Speech

  • TTS editor
  • Podcast hosting
  • AI podcast
  • Audio Player
  • Text-to-speech API


Individual: 9 $/month – 10k words

Solo: 19 $/month – 30k words

Startup: 39 $/month – 100k words

Agency: 99 $/month – 300k words


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