Create and execute marketing plans gets easier and faster with AI. DigitalFirst.AI is an AI-driven service that provides tailored marketing strategies in seconds. It offers access to a library of tactics and strategies from popular brands and experienced marketers. With Digital First.AI, creating a marketing strategy takes only minutes instead of hours, resulting in 5-10X time saving.

Additionally, AI-recommended tactics help to boost growth and increase revenue in hours. Furthermore, Digital First AI’s algorithms create copy automatically, 10X faster than manual content generation.

Finally, DigitalFirst.AI helps to find an optimal marketing tactic, providing permanent growth recommendations and serving as an expert growth hacker. Try DigitalFirst.AI for free and see how easy it is to resolve marketing problems.

Key feature

  • Funnel management
  • Content generation
  • Marketing planning
  • Grow and earn
  • Choose tactics
  • Create technical flows
  • Create customer journey


  • Basic plan: 59 $/month – max 5 funnel management
  • Pro plan: 99 $/month – max 10 funnel management
  • Expert plan: 199 $/month – max 50 funnel management

Video – Demo of how to crate & execute marketing plans

Find the whole Youtube channel of here.