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Automating Customer Service – the content:

Description is an all-in-one platform to set up and go live with conventional chatbots. No coding is needed and fast to set up. With you can increase the efficiency of your Helpdesk teams, and your sales and your customers no longer need to wait for answers.

The setup of the bots can be made with an easy-to-understand admin tool and before going live you can also test your bot. Dozens of templates help you to get the desired result as fast as possible. Nothing can go wrong! All in all, your customer experience will improve many 100 % and your customers will get more satisfied than they could have imagined.

Key features

  • Power up your marketing with personalization on multiple communication channels
  • Supercharge your sales without additional headcount
  • Optimize your support and don’t keep customers waiting


  • Starter: 50 $/month – 1 active chatbot
  • Team: 142 $/month – 5 active chatbots
  • Business: 424 $/month – unlimited active chatbots


Find an introduction to here.

Below is a picture of how easy it is to set up a chatbot.

Chatbotcom setup tool

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