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Description is a web data extraction and monitoring tool that helps users extract data from any website without coding. It offers several features that make automation easy, including:

  • Easy to use point-and-click interface for setting up web scraping automations
  • Downloading data as a spreadsheet or syncing it with a Google Sheet
  • Running tasks on a schedule and monitoring data for changes
  • Streaming data into any other software using the Zapier integration or REST API and webhooks
  • Turning any data into an API for real-time access
  • Extracting a huge amount of data from any website in almost 2 minutes
  • Handling paginations like numbered pages, load more, and infinite scrolling
  • Scraping data behind login-protected webpages
  • Integrating with Google Sheet, Zapier, Pabbly Connect,, and Airtable to transfer extracted data to thousands of other tools
  • Setting up robots with different triggers, including a specific time or a repeatable flexible schedule
  • Resolving most text-based captchas
  • Adapting to layout changes without re-training the robot is also scalable, allowing users to provide thousands of URLs and extract data from them as fast as possible. Additionally, users can set their robots to extract data from a specific country if the website is location-sensitive and the content changes based on location.

One unique feature of is that it quickly understands how to handle paginations like numbered pages, load more, and infinite scrolling. The robot can also scrape data behind login-protected webpages, using either cookie sharing or encrypted username/password. offers a free account with 100 credits per month, and users can sign up in 10 seconds. They can also receive the latest news, articles, and resources sent to their inbox weekly. However, it should be noted that some websites may block access to and other automation tools, requiring users to enable Javascript and cookies on their browsers and disable any ad-blockers.


  • Starter: 39 $/month
  • Professional: 99 $/month
  • Company: 249 $/month

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one click social media designs