one click social media designs



A AI creative support for all kind of companies: From Startups via eCommerce to Agencies. Create effective advertisements and social media posts quickly and easily with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Spend less time while achieving greater results.

Key Features

  • Generate Creatives
  • Generate Text & Headlines
  • See Creative Insights
  • Generate Social Posts


  • Starter: 29 $/month – 10 Credits
  • Premium: 59 $/month – 25 Credits
  • Ultimate: 99 $/month – 50 Credits
  • Scale up: 149 $/month – 100 Credits

What is a credit? Each creative/banner you download to your computer to use on your campaigns equals to 1 credit. Based on the package you select, you will have 10, 100 or an unlimited number of credits that renews every month.


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one click social media designs