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Description is a company that provides easy-to-use tools for creating, managing, and sharing high-quality banners and graphics and that automates marketing. Their products are designed to help businesses create beautiful visuals quickly and efficiently. Additionally, their platform allows for custom branding and provides a range of features such as animation, color palettes, and templates. comes with a simple REST API that auto-generates social media visuals, e-commerce banners, and more. It helps businesses of all sizes automate and scale their marketing operations with its API and integrations.

The platform provides a range of integrations and plugins to help users generate images and videos. Users can start a free trial with 30 API credits, no credit card is required.

Businesses of all sizes use the platform to create #nocode automated workflows that take care of repetitive marketing tasks in the background. Additionally, it offers support email responses within 15 minutes from the founder on Saturday nights.

Key Features of Automated Marketing

  • Image generation API
  • Multi-image API
  • Video generation API
  • PDF generation API
  • Automate your marketing
  • Scale your marketing
  • Integration with Airtable, Zapier, Make, Forms, WordPress etc.


  • Automate: 49 $/month – 1k credits
  • Scale: from 149 $/month – 10k credits
  • Enterprise: from 299 $/month – 50k credits


A longer video about and bootstrapping an SAAS product

The whole channel of can be found here.

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