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Unbounce’s AI for Branding – the chapters:

Use AI for Branding:


Unbounce is a company that offers a suite of AI-powered marketing tools, including Smart Copy and Smart Traffic. Smart Copy is a writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate original and persuasive content for marketing campaigns in seconds. With just basic information input, Smart Copy can write blog posts, product descriptions, and even poems. Smart Copy has read the entire internet, so it can write expert-level copy on just about anything.

The tool comes with over 45 templates to choose from, including ad copy, emails, taglines, and product descriptions. Smart Copy also has a Chrome extension and desktop app that allow users to write, expand, or summarize content directly from their browser. Smart Traffic, on the other hand, automatically sends visitors to the landing page variant that’s best for them. Using machine learning, Smart Traffic analyzes visitor attributes and automatically routes them to the page that’s proven to work best for people like them.

This tool can increase sales and signups by up to 30%. Unlike A/B testing, Smart Traffic takes only a few clicks to get started and provides faster results.

Key features

  • Create landing pages
  • Create Google ads
  • Create blog posts
  • Create Facebook ads
  • Product descriptions
  • Sales emails


  • Freemium: 40 credits/month
  • Essential: 19 $/month – 200 credits/month
  • Unlimited: 49 $/month – unlimited


The Smart Copy intro from Unbounce.

Find all Unbounce-Videos on their Youtube channel.

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