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LongShot.ai is the perfect platform to create blogs quickly and easily using the power of artificial intelligence. With LongShot.ai, you no longer have to spend hours and hours crafting a perfect blog post. All you need to do is enter the topic, choose the AI template, and AI will generate content for you that both humans and search engines love.

LongShot.ai can generate content for current topics and events, reviews, and movies, as well as SEO content for readers. You can even create and share templates to automate your specific use cases such as copywriting, storytelling, and email templates. All content generated is 100% unique and factually accurate, and you can get started in minutes.

Sign up for LongShot.ai and create an account, choose your content type and AI template, enter a topic and AI will generate a blog post, and then you can edit and share your content with the world. LongShot is the future of content creation and it brings the power of AI to help you save time and energy.

Key features for this AI Blog Writer

  • Content Rephraser
  • FAQs generator
  • Headline generator
  • Blogs ideas generator
  • Meta description generator
  • Text extender
  • Blog insights generator
  • Fact checker
  • Content claim detection


  • Pro: 39 $/month – 50k words
  • Team: 59 $/month – 150k words
  • Agency: 449 $/month – 1000k words


Youtube Video from their channel.

More from their channel can be found here.

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