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AI 2041 Content:

Description “AI 2041”

“AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future” is a book that explores the concept of artificial intelligence and its impact on the world in the next twenty years. The book is a collaboration between pioneering AI expert Dr. Kai-Fu Lee and leading speculative fiction writer Chen Qiufan. It features ten gripping narratives that take the reader on a journey across the globe, showcasing how AI will change the way we learn, work, communicate, and play. Some of the main takeaways from the book are:

  • AI is already a part of our daily lives, and it will only become more prevalent in the future. From AI-based security systems to autonomous cars, AI is transforming the world as we know it.
  • While AI has the potential to help us achieve great things, it can also be a destructive force in the wrong hands. Deepfake technology, for example, can be used to create fake videos and images that can be harmful.
  • AI can be a leveraging tool in the learning process, helping children become more communicative and engaged with the world. AI-derived educational software systems can also help teachers grade papers, assign tasks, and answer questions about lectures, leaving more time for professors to engage with students.
  • Augmented reality is taking over the world, and with the help of highly-advanced software that can replicate the real world and add certain extra elements, people can now have out-of-the-ordinary experiences. AI can help create experiences for users that are better than their actual lives.
  • AI will learn from our health data to accurately diagnose illnesses, prescribe precision medicine, and invent treatments for previously incurable diseases. Thanks to AI, our cars will become the safest drivers on the road.

The book is suitable for anyone interested in the future of AI and its impact on society, whether they are a 23-year-old person passionate about technology and IT, a 34-year-old professor in engineering or science who wants to deliver more interesting lectures, or a 30-year-old working in marketing or IT who wants to know more about the AI trend and prepare for it accordingly at their workplace.


AI will be the defining development of the twenty-first century, bringing unprecedented wealth, revolutionizing medicine and education, creating brand-new forms of communication and entertainment, and challenging the organizing principles of our economic and social order. In AI 2041, Kai-Fu Lee and Chen Qiufan explore the potential implications of this technology through ten short stories set in 2041. These stories range from job reallocation in San Francisco to immersive celebrity worship in Tokyo, to the use of AI for revenge in Munich. They offer insights into the world AI could create, while reminding readers that it is humankind that ultimately remains the author of its destiny.

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