Finta, a company, is introducing a new feature called Finta Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) which utilizes GPT-3’s 175 billion machine learning parameters to automate the fundraising process. The A.I. automatically learns from deal information and helps drive the funnel forward by providing a completely personalized email for each specific investor in the funnel, optimized for the stage the investor is in with the goal of closing the deal. Finta also now provides auto-enrichment of investor contacts, automatically pre-filling in much of the investor information that would previously be input manually. This is just the beginning of Finta A.I. and the company is excited for its future potential.

What is part of

  • Setup deals
  • Checklists
  • Investor Database
  • Community access
  • Document management
  • Autopilot CRM
  • Engagement notifications
  • Investor matching


  • Lite: Free
  • Startup: 44 $/month
  • Enterprise: Let’s talk…

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