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TimelinesAI is a shared inbox for WhatsApp that helps you improve customer support and sales. It enables you to easily manage WhatsApp as a team and review all chats in one place. With TimelinesAI, you can set up your agents to collaborate on WhatsApp in two minutes, start new chats right from the web interface, use pre-defined templates to improve sales and send broadcast messages to segments of customers in bulk. It also supports group chats, lets you share links to messages, exchange comments and set follow up reminders.

Key features

  • TimelinesAI Whatsapp Integration & Automation features
  • Connect WhatsApp to CRM
  • Use Whatsapp Mass Messaging for your business
  • Manage Multiple Whatsapp Workspaces
  • Connect multiple WhatsApp accounts
  • Automate routine messages and notifications
  • Improve your sales and support with TimelinesAI


  • Pipedrive integration: 15 $/month/seat
  • HubSpot integration: 25 $/month/seat
  • Shared inbox: 40 $/month/seat
  • Mass messaging & automation: 60 $/mont/seat
  • Annual fees = up to 30 %



Connection between Timelines.ai and WhatsApp via QR code. As easy as it gets.