A leader’s guide to AI strategies, best practices & real-world applications


The business case for AI: https://amzn.to/3iRLdKn


AI is a powerful business tool that can make operations and decision-making more efficient, employees more productive, and customers delighted. However, leaders who want to implement AI often don’t know where to start.

This book is a practical guide for business leaders that explains how to launch AI initiatives that get results. The author, Kavita Ganesan, explains what’s true, what’s hype, and what’s realistic to expect from AI and machine learning systems. The book also provides ideas for applying AI in a business to increase revenues, optimize decision-making, and eliminate business process inefficiencies.

It explains how to spot high-impact AI opportunities in an organization and capitalize on them in creative ways. The book includes a systematic framework called “Three Pillars of AI success” for testing and evaluating the value of AI initiatives.

The book is easy to understand and free of statistics, data science, or technical jargon. It provides leaders with the information and resources they need to jumpstart their AI strategy, manage their AI initiatives for better outcomes, or simply find inspiration for their own AI and machine learning applications.