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Synthesia is a web-based platform that allows users to create videos from plain text in minutes. It is fast, secure, and scalable and offers features such as AI video creation, AI voices, 120+ languages and accents, 55+ fully customisable video templates, a built-in screen recorder and media library, and a web-based app accessible in your browser.

It is a time and cost-efficient alternative to traditional video creation processes and provides consistent audio quality at scale.

Key features

  • Use professional actors without studio time
  • Get professional voiceovers without mics
  • Create consistent quality videos in minutes
  • Full video editing capabilities for modern video creators
  • 120 + languages
  • 55 + video templates
  • Free media library including background music and design elements
  • Academy


  • Personal: 30 $/month – incl. 10 videos
  • Corporate: “let’s talk”…


best vpn deal