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Humans and machines are collaborating to create audio for various media, such as videos, podcasts, and apps. This partnership between humans and machines can be used to create special music with a unique sound. The use of AI and machine learning can help to quickly create new music compositions.

The resulting music pieces are tailored to the needs of the project and may be used for a variety of applications. This collaboration is allowing for the creation of new, innovative musical pieces.

Key Features for Generative Music

  • Renderer for content creators
  • Studio for Artists
  • API for developers and brands
  • Play for listeners


Depending on the service – eg. Renderer:

  • Ambassador: free
  • Creator: 14 $/month – only personal project
  • Pro: 39 $/month – public project


This is the first demo for “Text to Music”

All Youtube videos from can be found here.

one click social media designs