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Description is an AI meeting assistant designed to enhance meeting productivity and assist businesses in achieving their goals. It provides a variety of features that enable users to record, transcribe, summarize, and share key highlights from their meetings automatically. This service is suitable for different types of companies, including startups, sales, recruiting, customer success, or marketing.

The tool is designed to help businesses in different ways. For instance, it enables users to increase win rates and customer satisfaction in their consulting, sales, or customer discovery calls. It also allows them to transcribe, summarize, and share candidate interviews for peer review and comprehensive candidate profiles. Additionally, it helps users to capture and review insights from their customers’ calls and turn them into actionable improvements for their team. provides a plethora of tools and features that can help users to capture, store, and share their meeting content. For instance, it offers an AI Meeting Minutes feature that generates an AI-generated summary after every meeting, eliminating the need to spend time writing follow-ups. It also allows users to create teams and automatically share meeting recordings, summaries, or highlights with the departments they need to stay aligned with. Moreover, it provides users with the ability to measure and uncover their meetings’ weak points, identify strengths and improvement opportunities for themselves and their team’s meetings, and drill down through teams, meeting types, participants, and many more dimensions. - transcription banner

Key Features of

  • Auto-recording & Transcription
  • Automatic Summaries
  • Team Collaboration
  • Repository of Conversations
  • Workflow and Integrations
  • Meeting Templates
  • Meeting Insights
  • …and much much more


  • Free: 5 h of transcription/month – 3-month storage
  • Pro: 15 $/user/month – 20 h of transcription/month – unlimited storage & much more
  • Business: 29 $/user/month – 100 h of transcription/month
  • Enterprise: Connect to


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one click social media designs