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Munch is a platform that uses state-of-the-art generative AI and marketing analytics to extract the most engaging, trending, and impactful clips from long-form videos. It distills the context from the long-form content and presents the user with coherent, shareable clips. It also uses GPT3, OCR, and NLP to analyze the clip’s content with social and marketing trends from the leading platforms. With Munch, users can seamlessly connect their social media accounts and publish effortlessly directly from the platform or download the end result and use it anywhere.

Munch helps brands deliver quality and relevant content in the ever-changing realm of content marketing. It allows the user to stand out in their competitive landscape and gain actionable insights and engage with their target audience regularly, all while remaining authentic to the brand.

The tool quickly identifies, extracts, and repurposes video content, saving time and money. Its AI solution can automatically generate captions, subtitles, and keywords, making content more accessible and searchable. Munch’s full-AI platform automates content repurposing and editing, taking hard-earned content, extracting gold nuggets, and telling the user how, where, and when to post it.

Key Features

  • All-in-one Platform
  • AI-driven Editing
  • Seamlessly connects all your Social Media accounts
  • Distill The Context from your Long-form Content
  • Set Your Content for Success with Top Marketing Data
  • Keep Things Focused on Any Platform
  • Get Instant Social Posts Based on Your Video Content
  • Intuitive, Simple, and Effective Video Editing


  • Pro: 49 $/month – Upload Up To 100 Minutes
  • Enterprise – tbd


You find more on their Youtube Channel

one click social media designs