Description is a Google award-winning platform for publishers that provides invaluable insights about UX and revenue. It enables publishers to optimize, streamline, and balance all the elements that make digital publishers successful – in short: it delivers exceptional content by AI. Ezoic offers worldwide service and support, and is the preferred solution of thousands of popular websites and large media brands that send well over 1.7 billion visitors per month through the Ezoic technology.

Setup is easy, secure, and requires no technical experience. It’s free to use, and there are three integration options and real humans available 24/7 to help. Ezoic provides unique product and service offerings for every type of publisher, including Core-Web-Vital-friendly ad serving and advanced security features built for ad-serving sites. It also offers tools such as Flickify to turn articles into videos and analytics tools to learn more about readers’ behavior.

Ezoic’s pros include the ability to create a website’s privacy policy, no credit card or contracts needed, and the ability to improve UX and revenue. Its cons include that it may take weeks or months to get to optimum revenue on a site’s traffic, and sites must be approved by Google Adsense to apply. Ezoic offers three payment options, including a free plan with all the same features of the paid plan, and a customized pricing option for larger enterprises.

Reviews of Ezoic have been generally positive – as mentioned: it delivers exceptional content by AI. Many have praised its customer service, noting that representatives are proactive and patient in educating them about ads. Others have noted that Ezoic’s tools and dashboard are easy to understand and that the transition was quick and smooth.

Key features

  • Humix for video optimization (distribute)
  • Flickify for video generation (adapt)
  • NicheIQ for topic suggestion and brocken links, site health and performance (create)
  • Ezoic Ads for monetizing your website (monetize)
  • Leap for diagnostic and optimization (optimize)
  • All in all: Create, adapt, distribute, monetize, optimize


  • no prices published, but free trial and 30 days money back


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