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The perfect tool for influencers!

Brand24 provides a service to help users stay informed about their online presence. It provides tools to track what people are saying about users online and allows users to access data from multiple online sources, including social media and websites.

Brand24 offers sentiment analysis with the help of AI to help users understand the sentiment of online conversations and can help users identify influencers, brands, and media outlets that are talking about them.

Key features

  • Mentions Feed
  • Alerts
  • Data Exporting
  • Filtering
  • Discussion volume chart
  • Influence score
  • Marketing analytics


  • Individual: 49 $/month – 3 keywords, 2k mentions
  • Team: 129 $/month – 7 keywords, 5k mentions
  • Pro: 178 $/month – 12 keywords, 25k mentions
  • Enterprise: 348 $/month – 25 keywords, 100k mentions

Key features


More can be found on their YouTube-channel.

best vpn deal