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Description is a Chrome extension designed to help users organize and work with AI prompts and other text. It allows users to quickly and easily create, copy, and paste prompts with variables and offers a range of other useful features. It is suitable for digital artists, copywriters, productivity hackers, and anyone else working with AI prompts.

The extension provides Key Sentences and Paragraph mode summaries, both of which can be adjusted in length with a summary length slider. It also offers a range of other features, such as the ability to save, organize, and display AI prompts, and the ability to store other text.

Additionally, it has a range of categories, such as Animals and Pets, Anime, Art, Cars and Motor Vehicles, Crafts and DIY, Culture, Race, and Ethnicity, Ethics and Philosophy, Fashion, Food and Drink, History, Hobbies, Law, Learning and Education, Military, Movies, Music, Place, Podcasts and Streamers, Politics, Programming, Reading, Writing, and Literature, Religion and Spirituality, Science, and Tabletop Games.

Key features

  • Use with all favorite apps
  • Variables
  • Right-click direct save
  • Easy organisation


  • Monthly: 3.99 $
  • Year: 39.99 $


How to save prompts to

More from the Youtube channel here.

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