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Description is a software development company based in Singapore that specializes in advertising and creativity. The company offers an AI ad generator called Pencil that helps brands and agencies create new ad variations 10 times faster by combining generative AI and creative humans.

The AI technology can connect data from ad accounts to learn from winning ads, see insights, and train predictions. Pencil can also connect to a store or asset library to import branding, images, videos, and product information. Users can generate new static and video ad creatives in minutes or receive creatives made by their Creative Assistant. The company claims that Pencil can help automate creative production, lower production costs, and improve results.

Pencil’s editor allows users to make simple edits in real time, which is important for performance testing. Users can see what copy, creatives, and design elements are common across their winning and losing ads to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Pencil benchmarks can also tell users how they’re performing compared to their sector and what tactics and creative angles everyone is using. The company claims that brands and agencies are increasing creative scale, lowering production costs, and improving their results with Pencil.

According to the company, Pencil has shown that MGC has improved ROAS by +122% on average, which is 2x better ROAS. Each MGC ad costs $30 and is generated in 1 minute, while traditional ways of making ads cost hundreds or thousands of dollars per ad and take days or weeks. The company also offers an ebook that analyzes over 600 real Pencil-generated ads to see how the performance compared to brands’ ROAS and CPA baselines. also offers a podcast with top brand and agency operators that can be listened to weekly. The company’s mission is to help brands discover winning ad ideas that unlock their next level of growth. However, access to the website is currently denied on Zoominfo due to the belief that the user is using automation tools to browse the website.

Key Feature for Ad Generators

  • Generate Ads in minutes (static & video)
  • Realtime editing & insights
  • Benchmarks: Compare Ads
  • Predictions drive better results
  • Insights


  • Starter: 99 $/month – 50 exports
  • Pro: 249 $/month – 100 exports
  • Unlimited: 799 $/month – unlimited exports


Pencil – How to create Ads with the help of AI


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