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NightCafe is an AI art generator that millions of people use every month to create, share, and discuss AI art. It offers Stable Diffusion, DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN+CLIP, and Neural Style Transfer. NightCafe also allows users to put their prompting skills to the test by entering and voting on each other’s creations. Users can create amazing artworks in seconds with the AI Art Generator, then share it with the community and join the conversation. The website allows anyone with an internet connection to become an artist with a few taps of their keyboard. For beautiful AI Art creations.

To create digital art, simply log in to NightCafe and type a text prompt of your envisioned digital art in the text prompt field. Choose from the wide array of styles available. For more creative control, enter the “advanced mode.” Choose between the two algorithms available, “Artistic” and “Coherent.” Your AI-generated digital art will be ready to download or publish in a minute or so. The “advanced mode” gives artists the option of setting the weight of each prompt and including modifiers. In this mode, users can also set the aspect ratio and determine the resolution and runtime of the digital art before it is created by the NightCafe AI.

One major benefit of using NightCafe is that users retain permission to use the created artwork as they wish, including using it for commercial purposes. However, the image or file from which the art was created must not be copyrighted. If a user makes a mistake whilst creating or doesn’t like the outcome of their artwork, they can permanently delete a creation using the “My Creations” screen.

NightCafe is a creation tool and doesn’t offer a way to mint or sell creations to other users. After creating digital art, users can auction them on NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, Sorare, and Etsy. However, there is a publish option available on NightCafe. After minting the art created on NightCafe as an NFT, users can publish it with a link to where it will be listed for sale on other platforms. By doing this, the artwork becomes visible to other NightCafe users, who can opt to buy them using the link provided.

NightCafe Creator is an AI app that lets users create and share art using new methods of AI image processing. In the app, users can use a few different styles and methods of creating, like style transfer to transform photos, or text-to-image that creates an artwork from nothing but a text prompt.

NightCafe is built to be easy and straightforward for just about anybody to use. Users can use the NightCafe Lounge discord group to get great tips, tricks, and folks who are willing to answer questions they may have about the site. NightCafe offers a few ways to earn free credits, such as earning badges by being active on the NightCafe explore page, commenting on others’ creations, and many other ways. Users can also share their AI art pieces on Twitter, TikTok, and even Instagram for 3 credits per post.

Key features

  • Active AI community
  • More algorithms:
    • Artistic
    • Coheren
    • Stable
    • DALL.E 2
    • Style transfer


Per generation:
1 image = 0.5 Credits
4 images = 1 Credit

  • Free: 5 Credits
  • 200 Credits: 9.00 $/month
  • 500 Credits: 19.99 $/month
  • 1400 Credits: 49.99 $/month
  • 2500 Credits: 79.99 $/month


I asked for “epic mountains” and that’s what I got:

Epic Mountins generated by AI:

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