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InteriorAI is a company that provides an AI-powered interior design service; Interior Design by AI. They use computer vision and machine learning algorithms to generate 3D models of rooms based on images provided by the customer. Their service allows users to visualize different furniture and decor options in a room before making any purchases, it also offers the ability to change colors and styles of the room, move furniture around and even change the flooring.

InteriorAI also offers a feature called “Design Snapshot” that allows customers to take a photo of a room and receive a design proposal in minutes. This feature uses AI to automatically identify the features of the room and suggest a design that complements the existing features.

The company aims to make the interior design process more accessible and convenient for people by leveraging the power of technology, allowing them to easily visualize and experiment with different design options before making a final decision.


  • 5 Free renders
  • Pro Version: 29 $/month
  • Team Verson: 299 $/month


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