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To boost productivity – this way:


InboxPro is an all-in-one solution that integrates with Gmail to increase productivity and functionality. It is a web application and Chrome extension that provides various features to help users save time and improve customer support

InboxPro offers a free plan forever and a 7-day free trial to try all the functionalities. It has a zero learning curve, easy and updated UX, and no demo needed. It provides a help center with 100+ tutorials, online chat, and email support. InboxPro is powered by GPT-3 technology to ensure that machine learning models are used responsibly.

Its Magic Compose feature uses AI to generate texts depending on the keywords entered in the subject and first lines of an email. The recipient never knows if the email is written by an AI, a human, or both. Users can generate new ideas when they are less inspired and have to face the blank page.

Key Features to Boost Productivity

  • Magic Compose: This feature uses AI to suggest messages based on the keywords used in the subject and first lines of an email. It can generate original content that is not found anywhere else on the internet.
  • Email tracking: This feature provides reception notification, reading confirmation, and link tracking.
  • Schedule: This feature allows users to send emails at a specific time or within a specific period.
  • Calendar: This feature allows users to create events or meetings and allows the recipient to choose the day and time that best suits them according to the sender’s schedule.
  • Templates: This feature provides pre-formatted templates from the dashboard to add a professional design to emails or use a newsletter format.
  • Attach sequence: This feature allows users to send reminder emails automatically within a certain period of time in case they do not receive a reply to their first email.
  • Signatures: This feature allows users to add a professionally designed signature to emails, with their photo, contact details, social networks, and even a button to schedule an appointment.
  • Analytics: This feature generates activity reports in Gmail, such as received and sent emails and the times when most mailings are sent.
  • This will all boost productivity


  • Free: for individuals – limited compositions
  • Pro: 7.49 $/month – 100 compositions
  • Advanced: 11.99 $/month – 200 compositions


A good explanation video – haven’t found anything from themselves.

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