Translate.Video – Video Translation was never that easy – the content:


Translate.Video (also known as is a service that offers the ability to translate videos and courses into multiple languages. Here is a summary of the information:

Translate.Video is a platform that provides a solution for translating courses into more than 70 languages. It is great service that is quick, easy, and efficient to work with. The platform is recommended for anyone looking to translate their videos and courses into multiple languages.

So basically, Translate.Video does everything your videos need in one app: From Captions creations via AI voice-over to Transcript.

Key Features

  • Video Translation
  • Image Translation
  • Podcast Translation
  • Website and App Translation
  • Video and Image Personalization
  • Subtitle and Caption


  • Free: 5 mins/month – 720p
  • Basic: 29$/user/month – 20 mins – 1080p
  • Standard: 49 $/user/month – 45 mins – 1080p
  • Pro: 99 $/user/month – 100 mins – 1080p

Video – Boost your productivity – the content:

Description is an AI meeting assistant designed to enhance meeting productivity and assist businesses in achieving their goals. It provides a variety of features that enable users to record, transcribe, summarize, and share key highlights from their meetings automatically. This service is suitable for different types of companies, including startups, sales, recruiting, customer success, or marketing.

The tool is designed to help businesses in different ways. For instance, it enables users to increase win rates and customer satisfaction in their consulting, sales, or customer discovery calls. It also allows them to transcribe, summarize, and share candidate interviews for peer review and comprehensive candidate profiles. Additionally, it helps users to capture and review insights from their customers’ calls and turn them into actionable improvements for their team. provides a plethora of tools and features that can help users to capture, store, and share their meeting content. For instance, it offers an AI Meeting Minutes feature that generates an AI-generated summary after every meeting, eliminating the need to spend time writing follow-ups. It also allows users to create teams and automatically share meeting recordings, summaries, or highlights with the departments they need to stay aligned with. Moreover, it provides users with the ability to measure and uncover their meetings’ weak points, identify strengths and improvement opportunities for themselves and their team’s meetings, and drill down through teams, meeting types, participants, and many more dimensions. - transcription banner

Key Features of

  • Auto-recording & Transcription
  • Automatic Summaries
  • Team Collaboration
  • Repository of Conversations
  • Workflow and Integrations
  • Meeting Templates
  • Meeting Insights
  • …and much much more


  • Free: 5 h of transcription/month – 3-month storage
  • Pro: 15 $/user/month – 20 h of transcription/month – unlimited storage & much more
  • Business: 29 $/user/month – 100 h of transcription/month
  • Enterprise: Connect to


MeetGeek Explainer

Find more videos on their Youtube channel – Generate Personal Icebreakers and much more – the Content:

Description of

Writecream is a toolset that offers various tools for summarizing and paraphrasing text, generating blog ideas and outlines, and creating summaries of essays or other documents. The website uses AI-powered tools to help users create original content quickly and easily.

One of the main features of Writecream is its Summarizer tool, which can instantly summarize any article, paper, or document to the most important points. This tool is useful for anyone who needs to quickly grasp the main ideas of a text. The summarizer can be used in combination with the website’s plagiarism checker to ensure that content is 100% original and unique.

Writecream’s AI can also be used to generate blog ideas and outlines. The website claims that summarizing is the best way to spotlight important facts or data, but it can be a hassle to do it alone. That’s where Writecream’s AI-Powered Summarizer steps in. Users can use it to easily summarize their content in no time. 

Key Features of

  • Write Personal Icebreakers
  • Differentiators
  • Articles/Blogs
  • Digital Ads & SEO
  • Audio, Image & Video
  • Social Media & Copywriting
  • ChatGenie
  • and many more


  • Free: 20 credits (= 40k characters)
  • Unlimited (Special offer): 29 $/month – unlimited words
  • Standard: 49 $/month – 200 credits (= 400k characters)
  • Extended: 69 $/month – 750 credits (= 1.5mio characters) Video-Channel

Introducing ChatGenie in WriteScream.

More Videos can be found on their Youtube channel. – Your Swiss-Army-Knife-App – the content:


Simplified is a web-based tool that offers a suite of features for content creation, design, and planning. According to, it is a powerful all-in-one design, copy, and content planning tool that offers a multitude of tools to help you with anything from writing copy to graphic design. It offers AI writing tools such as Rytr, Nichesss, CrawlQ, and Content, which can help you complete all your writing needs. The AI writing tool is highly praised by users, and it is considered one of the best writing tools available. Users can add their team in the same workspace and create content, stunning designs, videos, and copywriting, all in one place.

Simplified offers a content calendar to schedule social media posts and plan thousands of videos weeks or months ahead of time, according to Users can connect their social media channels to Simplified and publish posts directly from the app. Simplified organizes teams and clients in real-time, making it easy to collaborate with others. Simplified is built for speed and simplicity, which helps over 2000,000 creators, marketers, and businesses to scale their marketing, streamline their workflows, and save time.

In short, is a web-based tool that offers a suite of features for content creation, design, and planning. Simplified is built for speed and simplicity, which helps over 2000,000 creators, marketers, and businesses to scale their marketing, streamline their workflows, and save time. Simplified is a one-stop shop for creating, collaborating, and scaling marketing efforts. Simplified has solved the biggest challenge in advertising, which is how to write more content in less time. Users have praised Simplified for its ease of use and its ability to help them save time.

Key Features of

  • Graphics Design
  • AI Writer
  • Video. Editor & Animation
  • Social Media Management
  • AI Presentation Maker
  • AI Image Generator
  • AI Background Remover
  • Magic Resizer
  • Animation Maker
  • AI Content Rewriter
  • AI Blog Writer
  • Instagram Reels
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Convert mov to mp4
  • Convert jpg to png


  • Free: 10+ AI Tools,
  • Small Team: 24 $/month – up to 5 members – 100 GB Storage
  • Business: 40 $/month – up to 5 members – 200 GB Storage
  • Growth: 100 $/month – up to 5 members – 500 GB Storage
  • The number of tools and possibilities is growing with each level. Check out details here.

Video about

Here you find an Introduction to Simplified’s AI Assistant – a lot more can be found on their Youtube Channel – my Preferred Writing Tool – the Content:


AutoWrite.App is an AI-powered tool that assists in generating high-quality, human-like content efficiently and effectively. The tool is designed to streamline SEO writing by eliminating the hassle of registration and login while producing full-length articles. Key features and advantages of the app include automatic content generation, SEO optimization, and language translation. The app can be used to create SEO-optimized articles such as blog posts, web pages, and newspaper articles. It can also save time and effort in researching and writing content manually. Subheadings and other options can be customized to meet specific requirements. However, it is important to note that the tool is designed to help save time and effort, but not to replace one’s voice and style. It is recommended to review and edit articles before publishing them.

It is not an exaggeration to say that this is my favorite writing tool.

Key Features

  • Deepl Integration
  • Title and SEO optimization: allows users to create human-like search engine-optimized articles. This means that users can input their article title and keywords to generate content that is optimized for search engines.
  • Subheadings: also includes subheadings as a feature to help users structure their articles. This feature ensures that the article has a clear flow and is easy to read.
  • Options: provides users with options to help them create unique content. Users can choose to create content from scratch, rewrite existing content, or shorten longer articles.
  • Limited-time introductory pricing: offers limited-time introductory pricing for users who upgrade during this period. This means that users can enjoy discounted pricing even after the promotion ends and the price increases.
  • User-friendly interface: A successful mobile app should have a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate. has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for users to create content.
  • Feedback mechanism: needs to include some way for users to provide feedback. Users should be able to report bugs, suggest new features, or provide criticism. In turn, the developers should acknowledge their feedback. Listening to end-users will keep the developers informed about what users want and how to respond to their needs.


  • Free: 1 Article/day – just try it out!
  • Starter: 9 $/month – 500k words/month, DeepL integration, Translation
  • Pro: 24 $/month – 3mio words/month, DeepL integration, Translation


This Video gives you a little walk through the easy handling of my preferred writing tool: the

Showcase consists basically of 3 screens – I’d quickly like to introduce those.

Screen 1: Type your Title and your Keywords.

Screen 2: Define your Subheadings: choose the amount of subheadings and enter the titles – or let AI generate the titles for you.

Afterward: Choose the length of the text and the number of keywords (defined in Screen 1) per section.

Screen 3: Choose the type of writer (more here) and your other options (FAQ, List etc) and the Voice (from Personal to Professional)

And then have fun with generating – it might take up to 3 Minutes for 1500 words – definitely faster than I am. 🙂 – AI Description Generator

AI Description:

Description is a web application that helps users create step-by-step guides with text, screenshots, and video – so it’s an AI description generator. With the free plan, users can create unlimited scribes and pages, edit texts, steps and flow, and share scribes as PDFs or via shareable links. The Pro plan offers additional features, such as individual sharing settings, the ability to email, link, or add guides to a knowledge base, help center, or website, and custom branding. Non-profit organizations and educators are eligible for a 50% discount.

Scribehow records processes and automatically generates a guide with screenshots, instructions, and clicks. Users can then add more detail to their guides, such as annotations, text, and custom branding. It is loved by teams across tens of thousands of organizations, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Scribe has been reported to reduce the time spent documenting and sharing processes by 93% and boost productivity by 25%. There is no limit on the number of scribes users can create with any plan.

Key features

  • Create SOPs
  • Build training materials
  • Answer questions
  • Assist customers
  • Turn clicks into description automatically


  • Basic: Free
  • Pro: 23 $/month/user
  • Enterprise: tbd

Video autogeneration step-by-step.

Find more videos from on their Youtube channel.

OpenAI MuseNet – Listen to the AI Music Generator now

Overview AI Music:


OpenAI MuseNet is a deep learning system developed by OpenAI that creates music by combining different styles and genres. The system is trained on a large corpus of MIDI files, to learn to generate original music that is both diverse and harmonically pleasing. The results of the system have been described as sounding a lot like humans. MuseNet can also be used to create accompaniments for solo instruments and has been used to generate soundtracks for video games and other media.

Examples of AI Music – No Blank Pages anymore from now on

Content for “blank pages”:

Your way to get rid of blank pages:

Description is an AI-powered software that allows users to generate human-like text within seconds. It was founded in early 2020 by Chris Lu and Paul Yacoubian with the goal of building software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to produce compelling copy for business owners, marketers, and copywriters.

The software is designed to help writers turbo-charge creativity and is being used by many famous companies like Nestle, Ogilvy, eBay, and Zoho to create content. offers a wide range of content creation services, including blog content, sales copy, digital ad copy, website copy, and eCommerce copy. It also offers additional features like “Growth Ideas” and “Brainstorming and Startup Tools,” which are helpful when users are stuck in a creative rut. is easy to use, and it is compatible with multiple languages like Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, and Portuguese. has three pricing plans: a free plan, a pro version, and a custom plan. The free plan is perfect for new users who just want to test the software, and it allows users to create limited copies without entering their credit card details. The pro version allows users to create unlimited blog titles, outlines, ads, topic ideas, and other forms of writing. The custom plan is designed for business owners or team leaders and is based on a personalized quote according to the team size and needs. is the perfect tool for freelance content writers because it produces catchy and engaging content in a matter of seconds.

The quality of work produced by is mostly catchy and engaging, but some suggestions are inaccurate and irrelevant.’s interface is neatly laid out, and the software is easy to use. Users can sign up via email, Google, or Facebook, and after signing up, they get access to 100 credits.

Each check costs one credit, and generates ten suggestions per check. also created an extension that allows users to work simultaneously with Google Docs and Gmail tools. The add-on also contains all the features found on the website, so users won’t need to revisit the website every time. offers fast content creation, and human-like content, and no technical knowledge is required to use it. However, it may not be the best fit for larger enterprises with in-house content creation teams or those who prefer to have full control over the tone and style of their content. does not produce long-form blog posts, but it can help by using the blog outline. Before can generate writing, users need to enter their product name and a detailed description of what they do. The description needs to be around 800 to 1,000 characters for optimal results.

In conclusion, is a versatile AI marketing software that can benefit businesses of various sizes and industries. Its AI-powered content generation capabilities can significantly save time and effort for marketers, freeing them up to focus on strategy and high-level thinking. is easy to use, produces catchy and engaging content, and offers competitive pricing. It is being used by many famous companies, and it is a fast-growing company that is constantly releasing new features.

Say goodbye to blank pages forever.

Use cases against blank pages

  • perfect for eMails,
  • Blogs and
  • Social Media


  • Free: 2’000 Words per month, 1 user
  • Pro: 49 $/month – unlimited Words, 5 users


AI for text generation:

DeepL Write – Get fast Perfect Writing easily

Perfect writing Content:

Get your own perfect writing:


DeepWrite is a translation and text improvement platform powered by AI technology. It enables users to quickly translate and improve all kinds of texts; from words to sentences. DeepL is the perfect tool if you don’t feel comfortable in a foreign – or also your own – language.

Key features or perfect writing

  • Translation
  • Text improvement and correction
  • Select alternative phrases or words
  • Translate Powerpoint or Word files
  • Set the right tone
  • All in one solutions for professional translators


  • Free – limited text translation
  • Starter: 8.74 $/month – unlimited text translation
  • Advanced: 28.74 $/month – plus 20 editable file translations
  • Ultimate: 57.49 $/month – 100 editable file translations


So the text above could be much better… 😉

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