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AI-writer is a text generator tool that utilizes algorithms to help people create content in an efficient manner. These algorithms can be trained to recognize text and help generate original content based on certain parameters. AI-writer’s text generators can be used to create content quickly and accurately by leveraging Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies. It can also help reduce errors in content by providing automated proofreading and editing services. This tool is becoming increasingly popular in areas such as business, marketing, journalism, and education, as they help to streamline the writing process.

Key Features for Relevant Content

  • Time efficiency
  • Delivering trustworthy research
  • SEO efficiency
  • Research and write
  • Text rewording
  • Verifiable citations
  • Topic discoverer
  • Source summarizer


  • Basic Plan: 29 $/month – up to 40 articles
  • Standard Plan: 59 $/month – up to 150 articles
  • Power Plan: 375 $/month – up to 1000 articles – 10 users


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Example - a fast article writer
AI writercom 4 mins to write an article about ai info not enough time for a coffee 😉

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